DRM Info

DRM Registration by Superintendents

IDOE guidelines allow a maximum of five Digital Rights Managers (DRMs) per school corporation; charter schools are allowed one DRM per school.

To register a new DRM, a superintendent, or that superintendent’s designee, needs to select the link below and fill in the required fields to add up to five DRMs. It is also important to remove any DRMs who are no longer in service by filling out the Remove DRM section at the bottom of the same form.

Click here to register a DRM


CCC Forms

ICAM Large Print Materials Policy Change - January 2013

Form #Form NameMicrosoft WordHandwritten
Need for Accessible Formats of Print and Instructional Materials
wordicon - revised 01/2013
Download in PDF Format- revised 01/2013
Determination of Specialized Formats
wordicon- revised 01/2013
Download in PDF Format- revised 01/2013
ICAM Student Data and Textbook/Material Request Form
Form 3b in MS Word Format3b
Eligibility and Certification for Specialized Formats of Print Instructional Materials

NIMAS Fileset

A NIMAS fileset consists of the following:

  • XML content file,
  • a package file (OPF),
  • a PDF-format copy of title page andISBN and copyright information pages, and
  • a full set of content images in SVG, JPG, or PNG format.

A NIMAS fileset is a set of source files that may be rendered into a variety of output formats, including student-ready versions such as audio books, Braille editions, etc. It is not a post-production product; it is a pre-production product. NIMAS files are intended for use by publishers, authorized entities, and others to produce accessible versions of printed instructional materials. They are not intended to be used as-is and should not be considered finished products. XML content files in NIMAS filesets must be conformant to the NIMAS 1.1 specification, a sub-set of the DAISY 2005-2 DTD. By definition, a NIMAS XML file will validate to the NIMAS 1.1 DTD.


Nimas File Set Exploration

Play Nimas File Set Exploration TutorialThis tutorial will take you through what the contents are of the NIMAS file set.


Holland Elementary

May 9, 2012


Drew Meece, VI Student


Julie Bryant, VI Teacher

Mara Jochem, Instructional Assistant

Listen to an inspiring, lively exchange between an exceptional young man and those who teach!


Transcription - PDF or DOC


Download the Podcast here


Deb Lorenz

April 17, 2014


Interview with Deb Lorenz and Bev Lau

Deb Lorenz is employed in several capacities at Hamilton Southeastern Schools, and Bev Lau is the Technical Assistant at the ICAM. Deb and Bev discuss Deb’s long and varied career, and the changes she has witnessed in acquiring AIM and AT for her students. She will tell of the range of disabilities she has seen in her students, and their reactions to using digital formats on the iPad. This interview was recorded live on April 17, during the PATINS/ICAM Tech Expo in Indianapolis, IN.

Transcription - PDF or DOC


Download the Podcast here


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