NIMAS Fileset

A NIMAS fileset consists of the following:

  • XML content file,
  • a package file (OPF),
  • a PDF-format copy of title page andISBN and copyright information pages, and
  • a full set of content images in SVG, JPG, or PNG format.

A NIMAS fileset is a set of source files that may be rendered into a variety of output formats, including student-ready versions such as audio books, Braille editions, etc. It is not a post-production product; it is a pre-production product. NIMAS files are intended for use by publishers, authorized entities, and others to produce accessible versions of printed instructional materials. They are not intended to be used as-is and should not be considered finished products. XML content files in NIMAS filesets must be conformant to the NIMAS 1.1 specification, a sub-set of the DAISY 2005-2 DTD. By definition, a NIMAS XML file will validate to the NIMAS 1.1 DTD.


Nimas File Set Exploration

Play Nimas File Set Exploration TutorialThis tutorial will take you through what the contents are of the NIMAS file set.