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The mission of the Indiana Educational Resource Center (IERC) is to assist Indiana’s Special Education Planning Districts and Local Education Agencies, through collaboration with the Indiana Center for Accessible Materials (ICAM), with the provision of instructional materials in specialized formats to students who are blind or have low vision attending public education programs.



The IERC is a centralized, statewide depository of accessible formats for use by students who are blind or visually impaired in Indiana. Accessible formats include braille, large print and digital·instructional materials as well as aids and equipment and tangible aids specifically designed for students with visual impairments.


In October of 2006, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) established a grant to fund the PATINS Indiana Center for Accessible Materials (ICAM) Project. As the IDOE appointed state agency for implementing the IDEA regulations for the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS), the PATINS Project, in collaboration with the Indiana Education Resource Center (IERC), and the IDOE, developed and rolled out a state-wide implementation plan for meeting the federal NIMAS regulations. The grant provided for the development of a one-stop-shop that would coordinate with the National Instructional Materials Center (NIMAC) for obtaining accessible textbooks and core instructional materials, in the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS), for use by students with print disabilities.

The ICAM web based service that has two primary functions: (1) to provide dissemination of information and resources for use by local educational agency personnel and families; and (2) provide Indiana local educational agencies a process to register qualified students and to order needed accessible formats of print instructional materials (braille, large print, NIMAS files for creation of digital and audio formats) for students with a qualifying print disability.

The ICAM staff is responsible for downloading NIMAS files from the National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC) and for the delivery of NIMAS file sets for conversion into student ready accessible digital, audio, braille and large print formats. The system design routes all orders for students with visual impairments, as well as all technical assistance for these students, to the Indiana Education Resource Center.

The success of the project is a direct result of: the ICAMs design; the collaboration with and work flow of the IERC; the project’s already existing assistive/accessible technology network of regional support centers; and the leveraging of state and local resources serving the K-12 educational system.

In addition to the centralized, statewide depository, the IERC also houses and manages a Braille transcription project and oversees the Miami Accessible Media Project.


IERC Support Staff