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To search:  Fill in as much or as little information as you know. For example, to search for an augmentative communication product, you would choose Category AAC and click Find Products.  This will give you a listing of all AAC products.  If you would like to narrow your choices to items under $500.00 you would choose AAC and then enter $500.00 in cost and Max in the next box.  To search for Math software you would enter Category Software and Math in Keyword. To search for products from a specific vendor, just enter the vendor's name in the Vendor search box.

NEW! You can now search for iTunes apps!

We have added an additional category called Apple Apps. If you need additional information about an app, once inside the search you can click on the Apple vendor link. You can borrow an iPad with apps, both paid and/or free apps or we can send apps directly to your device as long as it is not being managed by a MDM solution such as Filewave. If you would like to see a complete listing of apps, we have created a Google Document for your convenience. This document will be updated regularly as we add additional apps. Please contact us if you do not see an app that you are interested in and we can possibly add it to our listing.

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